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Sneh Chakraburtty

Chitta-Chit Publications is the home of leading author and commentator Sneh Lata Chakraburtty.

4 weeks ago

Quietening Emotions:
There are divinities residing in the Heart or Anahata Chakra, as Shiva and Shakti .
Shiva is Purusha of is pure consciousness that steers us towards righteousness and Self. ... See more

1 month ago

Becoming God-realized:
Our spiritual heart (Anahata) bestows us with a precious gift of expressing our thoughts and feelings in touching words, pictures or melodies. These are times when our ... See more

1 month ago

Inner and Outer Renunciation of Covetousness:
Old habitual worldly relationships with things, home, friends, family and society are personal behaviors and cultural features of norms, beliefs and ... See more

1 month ago

Feelings that are expressing, or arecharacterized by a strong or immoderate desire for the possessions of others is covetousness!
"At least three European empires (Britain, France and ... See more

1 month ago

When the life-force (prana) flows within, unhindered and harmoniously, one is optimistic and contented.
To be in complete balance, physically and mentally is 'happiness!'.
Freedom from ... See more

1 month ago

Being Understanding versus Judgemental:
Understanding comes with kindness in relationships.
Judgementalism comes with lack of grace and mercy.
Wise ones tell us we should develop the all embracing ... See more

1 month ago

Basking in Light and Wisdom:
Yogi gurus advise practicing Pranayama: two popularly used are: Anilom-Vilom to stabilize the Moon and Sun Channels; and Kapalbhati to encourage Moon-Channel activity and ... See more

1 month ago

Call of the Heart-beat:
Yogis who follow the Path of Devotion to God (Bhakti), linger here in this Infinite Heart Space constantly discovering it beat: HAM SA SO HAM.
We have not arrived at the ... See more

1 month ago

Yoga connects us with sun, moon and stars:
The word: 'hatha' is a compound word formed of two syllables: ha, to mean the moon, and tha, to mean the sun: they are the definitive steering wheels of ... See more

1 month ago

Mind and Breath:
As regards the 'thinking principle' without controlling the Mind, breath control is impossible. Breath is intimately connected with the mind.
In our daily experience of life: when ... See more

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This site is a showcase of her work and we welcome your thoughts, discussion and comments. If you have any questions please get in touch.

All proceeds from Sneh’s book sales go to support the Chinmaya Mission Halton Region and their website can be found here

As well as her writing, Sneh has run meditation classes, study groups and youth groups for the last 20 years and would be delighted to help you set these up; please just drop us a line.

Our books include…
(Visit Books by Sneh Chakraburtty for the full list)

…In The Beginning – a historical ‘story’ spanning through Time and Space before and after the birth of Jesus.

Universal Religion – a Vedantic Commentary on ‘Jesus of Aquarius’ channeled by Levi Dowling at the start of the 20th century.

Spiritual Journey – a “Work Book” to understand ‘The Miracle of Human Life’.

Cosmic Connection – Man and the Universe are magnetic forces of Energy and Life-force attracting each other.

Ayurvedic Fusion Cooking – The author has lived in Africa, Ireland, Britain, Thailand, Indonesia and Canada and added recipes taught to her by her Punjabi mother and Bengali mother-in-law.