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Why is there so much loneliness among youth?


One thought on “Why is there so much loneliness among youth?”

  1. Sneh Chakraburtty says:

    Loneliness is feeling sad through being without friends or company; but it can also mean being without companionship has left you without a ‘support system.’ That means your loneliness stems from a complex set of emotional problems. Friends and family are who make one happiest in life.
    What’s the point of loneliness? Millions in this world yearn and look to others to make them happy (because they are anxious and depressed also) and yet insist on isolating themselves. Why… you can cure loneliness with a minimum of effort!
    Figure out where you can find some good friends who regularly congregate at a local watering hole, read and discuss local newspaper, visit community events, and join activities of groups and organizations.
    Become of service to others in need. The act of doing a good pushes out lonely feelings.

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