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Why is there so much loneliness among youth?


2 thoughts on “Why is there so much loneliness among youth?”

  1. Sneh Chakraburtty says:

    Loneliness is feeling sad through being without friends or company; but it can also mean being without companionship has left you without a ‘support system.’ That means your loneliness stems from a complex set of emotional problems. Friends and family are who make one happiest in life.
    What’s the point of loneliness? Millions in this world yearn and look to others to make them happy (because they are anxious and depressed also) and yet insist on isolating themselves. Why… you can cure loneliness with a minimum of effort!
    Figure out where you can find some good friends who regularly congregate at a local watering hole, read and discuss local newspaper, visit community events, and join activities of groups and organizations.
    Become of service to others in need. The act of doing a good pushes out lonely feelings.

  2. Sneh Chakraburtty says:

    What is the Effect of Imported European Culture in India? Loneliness!
    There are Visible Crisis Effects in India
    Spiritual and traditional habits of the ancient Indian people have been transformed under 200 years and more of colonial and the recent 70 years of Independence. For thousands of years, a peoples’ religious rituals were linked with gifts to the five godly elements of Prakriti or Mother Nature (earth, water, fire, air and space) who eternally preside over each of these respective five elements. Therefore, Care of Nature or Prakriti was forever built into the people’s cultural systems. They therefore accrued promise of material benefits, as given by these elemental-gods themselves. Sadly, these godly roles necessarily imperative in human existence have become relics of the past! Observances of religious festivals have become ‘happy-time’, instead of viewing a Supernatural Being as an ever-present Entity that directs our entire lives. Humanity’s ‘creations’ through greed and waste have left behind huge mounds of toxicity to damage human, animal, plant and terrain! Each of Man’s ‘creation’ premeditated to duplicate the works of the many millions of “Hindu gods” has proved to be disastrous.
    Science is welcomed as a ‘godsend alternative’ by the modern but culture deprived Indian people, now weather-beaten by superstition and barbaric practices and rituals. Science without cultural spirituality has become the dominant force. Post-Indepence India‚Äôs culturally ignorant Congress government (among others) encouraged human-investment in scientific thinking by avoiding the traditional nature of its people and Culture and Religion took a backseat behind Science.
    This dualistic type of governance, of secular and religious activities, are powerfully impacting in the daily activities of every Indian. It has today become even more pronounced in the most recent decades. Unfortunately, the ‘political-scientists’ have no connections with ‘godly-scientists,’ and that is the tragedy. It takes just ONE person to turn the tables! Perhaps Modi is the one.
    Business has always existed and operated in a sustainable manner for thousands of years in India until all traditional practices were cast aside in the modernization/globalization process over the last 3 decades. As a result, the thousands of years old connections between Humanity and Mother Nature, not to mention the relationship between Divinity and Man, are destabilized or disconnected by various cultural changes brought in by European cultures.
    Why are the Old Ways of Bharat, once flourishing and thriving, been replaced by fake Democracy?
    There was a time when the elemental gods of Nature and Humanity were invoked through Fire Worship, historically to call on all other gods, sacramental kings, and the picked selected few, from specialty careers. It was a time when India was governed and ruled by many small kingdoms. Each ruler-group protected the land’s natural and mineral wealth, encouraged small holdings of farmland to protectively satisfy the owner and his or her family.
    The ‘democratic’ ways of today have left the farmer-landowner, a pawn of the rich politician and the moneylender, not to mention havoc caused by the supremacy of uncertain climate!
    Although ‘specialization’ in professional work divisions has existed for ages, its command as work-rival, earning power venture, happened only recently. Clashing governmental divisions with non-synchronized agendas has compromised societal efficiency. Disputes flourish between growth needs for a community and environment. There is stagnation in the Nation’s needs. Such affairs of the State make easy work for rivals in the Land’s ‘match-plays!’ Opponents score high and the ordinary citizen suffers despite existing ‘democratic’ rules written clearly on paper. Rules and Agreements are waived and lackadaisical continue without penalty.
    India is selling herself to the Corporate world within and outside, bit by bit! Natural Resources of water, land, forest and wild-life habitat keep shrinking through mindless exploitation.
    There IS scarcity and lack of goods, commodities, produce, natural culturally ethnic foods in India. There is loss of new potency from the everlasting reservoir of strength of the common people, once enriched by their old cultures. Instead, today there is an illusion of ‘sufficiency’ through inflow of goods and services coming from a myriad of sources, other than from Bharat. Unfortunately the materialistic middle class population has a blind downward apocalyptic mind-set that is uncaring for its natural resources.
    How has humanity gone astray?
    Is there a way to realign nowadays with the past culture of truth, modesty, and sufficiency, so lacking today?
    To chart a way forward one has to accept what is today is a result of our actions during our recent past. Karmic Law needs to be addressed. What is ‘today’ is the cumulative effect of 2000 years of plundering by marauders; 150 years of a colonial past because they used an unfamiliar weaponry called ‘guns’ against the vulnerable; and worst of all, India is still suffering the wretched effect of 70 years of misrule by a self-serving political party [briefly by another Party] that wolfed down the rights of the common people.
    Anchored in years of disgraceful ‘karmic’ fundamentals of misgovernment, Mother Nature (prakriti) today counters all infringement against Her humanity with rage, and inflicted torment through draught, landslides, forest fires and floods.
    She who is the Life Form of Energy (pranic shakti) is interlocked with the willpower of god-Creator(Brahma). Together they mete out every effect from such sabotage. Earthquakes, deluge, electrically discharge on scorched forests, and gales with tornadoes, have become whirlwind responses against human violations against Nature.
    They are sadly seldom understood as retaliatory symbols. For what? To discourage the perpetuation of ‘war’ against Mother Nature through mindless karmic activities.
    Drafting Carbon-Footprint Ratings using ‘compulsory certification protocols,’ and a trustworthy central ranking system, are the need of the day!
    Copying the West would be a mistake. Solutions need to be sought in every country and adapted to their individual cultural needs and ancient practices of the people.
    India has for thousands of years warded off materialism, which has today, become the terrible gargantuan against basic human existence with Her elements. Loneliness comes from shedding the familiar!

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