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Yoga Practices

yoga practicesYoga Practices are a record of instructions received during different levels of Yoga training.

It is proof that any sealed book of humankind can be opened by an aspiring student during his development into his own inner states of being.

By similar practices, anyone has the ability to develop and unfold their inner powers because the human body is a storehouse of past (causal unconscious and dreaming subconscious), present (awake states). The future is decided by the past records.

At the beginning and end of each Yuga or complete era of four stages, each worse than the one before, there is a flow in large quantities of celestial streams of energy  entering the earth’s atmosphere. Human aspiration unites with this instructional radiation with specific instruction best fitted for the seeking human and for that particular Time. With new era or Yuga there is a birth of a new period of discovery for the world.

This new force, called by Initiates “The Dayspring of Youth,” has been in activity for some time, and they who respond to it and practise this Western Yoga can enter the new era and become its instrument.

This Energy Force of Satya Yuga, is now present since the last 150 years. It is now working all over the Western world.  This enlarging Presence of godly Energy possesses a fresh liveliness and force that l brings a severance from past and inborn unfavourable conditions. Receptive persons who respond to it are freed from all past ambiguity. Past atmospheric negative energies cannot imprison them within its rebellious aura. The practice of Yoga attracts an atomic energy of a finer nature that transmutes  first awareness and then Consciousness.

Ancient sages of Bhagavata Purana and the Mahabharata call this “The Churning of the Ocean” or Samudra Manthan  in order to obtain Amrita – the nectar to immortal life.

It is about the e separation of finer elements in man from the coarser. when a seeker student responds confidently to these finer forces he/she  becomes aware of this divine presence of Om within his physical body and mental atmosphere.

Through personal contact with a Master a student can be taught the true method. Humankind is a prisoner within this world, but humanity’s ‘self’ awaits a release  from bondage to consumerism and return home.

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