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Vegetarian Expressions

People of Earth are natually vegetarians. 21st century vegetarianism stems from concern for personal health, environment, world hunger, compassion for animals, conviction in non-violence, natural food preference, or some vague secular reasons.

Vegetarian ExpressionsThis book has recipes for true vegetarians, vegans, lacto-vegetarians, lacto-ovo-vegetarians. Meat eaters may adapt recipes using soya products.

This book is now available at Amazon and Createspace, priced at $17.89 in the US and £11.50 in the UK.
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One thought on “Vegetarian Expressions”

  1. Apurna says:

    A sage once said “If we were meant to be carnivora, we would have teeth of a cat. We have teeth like those of a cow and are supposed to be vegetarians.” Our children of present humanity must know that – many are instinctively vegetarians of every shade. Many do not know how to prepare such meals. Learn from Sneh’s cookbooks. She has another book titled ‘Sweet, Sour and Spicy’ which gives you short cuts to quick meals and chutneys. University and college students should find this book useful.

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