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Universal Religion

This book is a Vedantic Commentary on ‘Jesus of Aquarius’ channeled by Levi Dowling at the start of the 20th century. Jesus spent 12 years in India and away from Jerusalem from the ages of 12 to 24 years. He learned Vedanta from Hindus and Buddhism from Masters of the East.Universal ReligionJesus’ esoteric insight of spirituality was not understood by the Jews of Jerusalem (and is still not interpreted correctly by the West). He therefore was committed to the Cross by the age of 28. Aquarian Gospel became the catalyst for my commentary in ‘Universal Religion’.

Theosophical Masters have promised a spiritual awakening. It is possible now that we have transcended the Piscean Age (Kali yuga) and have been entering the Aquarian Age (Satya-yuga) for the last 200 years.

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28 thoughts on “Universal Religion”

  1. Peter says:

    so is it Son Worship or Sun Worship?

    1. sneh chakraburtty says:

      Hello Peter:
      Jesus arrived to re-announce that we all should adore the Inner Sun in each of us – The Christ. He was misunderstood and for 2000 years we have practiced Son Worship.The planet worshipped the Sun universally and in certain parts of the world still does (India, Nepal, Mongolia, Indegenous Indian Tribes of the Americas). The Pyramids and Stone henge are evidence of such past practices. Read my next book on this historical detailed in “…in the Beginning”.

      1. Peter says:

        I look forward to it Sneh, when is it due out?

        1. sneh says:

          It should be out before the end of the year.

  2. meenakshi says:

    I started reading the book. Enjoyed the Introduction and skimmed through the material. Wondering how Jesus’ life in India will conclude iraseld in a universal religion

  3. Binitha Sutarwala says:

    An excellent book. I read a few sections already and was touched by the gentle style of Jesus.

    His acceptance of his father’s death was very emotional almost like when Shree Rama heard of his father’s death.

    The section when he spoke of the idol without life was disturbing until I read on. I can see why miss-interpretation have taken place in Religion today.

    Intro: Love the section called: SUN Worship or SON Worship.

    Love the idea that I need not read it from front to back but can read section that interest me. For example Jesus on a camel ride. Very cool headings.

    Very good work, I would say it is your best work so far after Cosmic Connections.

    I appreciate the fact that you have taken to sharing your interest in words.

    BUT: The Cover is not impressive at all. Suggest a change in look. This sort of cover is not inviting and the Title is also the same. A bit ‘old’.

    All in all it is a great book and I would recommend it to every Hindu who has some interest in the Life and Teachings of Jesus. It is a must read for every Christian, as it will enhance ones love for HIM.

    1. sneh says:

      Delighted you like what you are reading at random. Yes, Jesus the Man belonging to humankind as a perfect son to his mother and father, brother to his siblings, seeker of all civilizations of his day, and a rational deep thinker. Please tell us how you progress with the book.

  4. Sneh says:

    Am surprised there are no comments. Universal Religion has subtitles that are subjects that stand alone and can be discussed individually by children,adults, the religionists and the secular. Are you afraid to admit that because Jesus was a humankind before he became a realised Christ? Wondering! Really!

    1. saakshi says:

      We all understand the tweets we read – at least we do so intuitively but do not know how to voice one’s own self-discovery. Come on board! It can be a spiritual journey of self-discovery

      1. Sneh says:

        Saakshi, the path of spirituality is slippery. We already know we are weak and a little temptation can cause a fall. It is that realisation that stops us from voicing our on truths, whether heard, seen or read.

    2. Sam says:

      Want rahter than need decides whther there will be greed which if satisfied leads to more want. If not not satisfied leads to anger. Humans live in the demonaic zones of want, desire, lust, greed and anger in the three lower psychic centres or chakras. Unless one transcends the delusion and illusion of me and mine, ascent is impossible. Possessiveness is the block.

  5. sneh says:

    Alokparna S. Thakur of Ahmedabad wrote on Greed also defined in Universal Religion:
    Greed arises only because your present moment is empty, and to live in an empty moment hurts very much. To forget it you project greed into the future, thinking that tomorrow things are going to be better, a lottery is going to open in your name. But of course you have to wait for tomorrow, it cannot be just now — and tomorrow never comes. All that comes is always the present moment, which is empty. Greed is because we don’t know how to live the present moment in its total richness. ”

    1. sneh says:

      Want rather than need decides whther there will be greed which if satisfied leads to more want. If not not satisfied leads to anger. Humans live in the demonaic zones of want, desire, lust, greed and anger in the three lower psychic centres or chakras. Unless one transcends the delusion and illusion of me and mine, ascent is impossible. Possessiveness is the block.

  6. Divya says:

    I see the work of John and Jesus like many spiritual teachers was not an easy one. Their Light was not understood and they would be mocked or killed by those they sought to guide. Generally only a rare few know why a human manifestation. Therefore it is not surprising their mothers Mary and Elizabeth were told to be the flame to kindle other flames in their children. This is the heart of all teachings. Good parenting who already know “Teach them that God and man are one but man devalued himself. Teach them the Holy Breath; it will make them one again through Love.” Universal Religion is universal advice to all parents, teachers and mentors.

    1. Sneh says:

      This can only be done by parents learning meditation and teaching it to children. Its results come in realizations and spiritual progress beginning during puberty when the brain is able to become thought-free. But in the interim during correct child-rearing, there is gradual understanding. Later there comes insights born slaying attachments towards things and creatures.Want, lust, anger and greed are all born of ignorance.

  7. sneh says:

    On Tue, Feb 28, 2012 at 9:22 AM, wrote:

    My Dear Fellow Souls:
    Your feedback is what my instinct told me – it is time to tell humankind that we are so many different pearls strung on a single string of Awareness and Consciousness we call Cosmic Mother, Prakriti/Purusha, the Holy Spirit. What you read in The Universal Religion and the Commentary in italics is what the Master taught our family – one of whom you already know, Binitha or Bina as we call her.
    There is NOTHING in that book that comes from me!
    As Jesus reinforced: our souls are encased in so many sheaths like an onion. The outermost is what we insist is the most precious and yet we discard it life after life and return each time through reincarnations to experience more debts through the Law of Karma.
    Through sense indulgences we disease the next inner sheath and become too sick to find out why we were made humans in the first place.
    Through the third inner sheath we are the causal mind-field which like a cesspit is full of past birth-memories, habits, likes-and-dislikes and opinions of relativities. Together they are a MINE-FIELD, each one ready to explode.
    You both have it right!
    Only by meditation can one transcend these.
    Perhaps we can meet while I am still alive to meditate together.
    Many thanks for your feedback.
    To your great souls, mine prostrates in full humility.
    Thank you

    Sneh Chakraburtty

  8. shirish says:

    I have read the book below and have one sent to Ami’s father in law too. It is simply amazing and eye opening for anyone specially I feel for your brother’s son. Either you send it to him or I can do so once I have his mailing address.
    Sneh has done fascinating work in here that I cannot get over it even while I sit here in Rajkot India.
    Love to all
    your at His lotus feet

    1. Sneh says:

      Dear Shirish:
      Looking forward to discuss the subject when you return to Canada

  9. lynn says:

    Dear Sneh and friends,
    Hari om, salute
    Thank you for sharing the beautiful correspondence.
    So true as you say we forget the most important aspect of our precious life here on earth to attain moksha, or liberation.
    Love is the answer. If we can love all those as ourselves as the Master taught then we are well on the road to a great understanding.
    I look forward to getting further along in the book myself and would love to share with you my impressions. To me Jesus has attained Shivahood or Buddhahood or what is known as Christ consciouness and told us in his discourses, we too could aspire to this. So often we get caught up in form and forget this pure energy which is open to us and worship the form of Christ only looking for enlightenment outside ourselves.
    All paths lead to Him until they become one golden stream.

    Much love and blessings to you all,

    1. sneh says:

      It is difficult to understand what we need to do as humankind. Meditation must be taught, practiced and experienced. There are stages towards the inward journey. The physical sheath is tamed by practicing harmlessness in thought, word and deed. problem we slide back into the ‘old, old ways’. Once we win here we meet the mental, intellectual sheath filled with emotions – this one is filled with greed, anger and wants. Unless there is transendence through self-analysis, possessiveness towards the I and Me becomes a dream. Lastly there is the mine field of mines ready to explode from the unconscious past of many lives lived before. Until all three states of awareness 9conscious, subconscious and unconscious are dealt with, there is no moksha. The Christ is only clearly visualised when all that is dealt with. Thankyou for your comments. bless your searching Spirit.

  10. denis says:

    Bonjour madame Chakraburtty,
    My name is Denis I have been reading your book since my spouse brought it home in December 2011. I am up to Chapter 8, page 213 of 363 so I still have a long way to go. I must admit I also do other types of reading as well.

    Please bear in mind that I am a francophone raised in a small village in the province of Québec and that my knowledge of English is somewhat limited in comparison to French my mother tongue. Furthermore, I realize that I do not know much about life in India nor about India’s languages, castes and religions so there is much that I do not understand in the book yet I continue to read as if everything will be understood somehow in my body or be picked up otherwise in energy. Words are so limiting when ones starts to express, I am sure you know about this.

    I also happen to love writing and have had a journal where I occasionally write my thoughts and the thoughts of others too if they strike me as important during this time of reflexion. I wrote exerts from a couple of pages from your book: p38 and 39 as they helped me understand a bit about Self’s and following is what I found really special: “As long as man is centred in relativity and dual consciousness, neither side prevails. But once the process of introspection starts, there is no stopping until duality is transcended by subordinating the first 6 chakras . . . . . . . . Meditation alone is the way of opening of the seventh seal. . . . . . We do not ‘have’ or arrive at a higher self, we are the higher self ourselves”.
    My spouse and I teach meditation classes in our city, the meditation that we have been practising since we came together as a couple back in 1992, meditation we learned and practice for over 17 years by our beloved meditation master who died in June 2008. I wrote something else from your book on page 79 about Karma. A similar thought which I just asked my spouse to read earlier today but that was written further down in the book maybe on page 210 or so.

    Well I did not originally intend to write your own book in this little (getting long) email! I am so pleased to read Universal Religion at a time when I am ready to read it and at a time when I am ready to share about the importance of meditation in today’s world. I have been happy and surprised to discover more about the great Master that Jésus was, the other great masters and this connection to the Father. The life of the Christ is so interesting as I am reading and reading, so different but also close to what has been taught during my original Catholic upbringing. Although I stumble on many words, expressions, sentences, even paragraph, I just continue on reading and learning at many levels hoping to some day be able to share some of it from that special place where I am receiving those energies of love.

    Thank you for the work you have done, may God bless you.


  11. denis says:

    I finished reading your latest book “Universal Religion” and would like to comment for other readers.

    Bear in mind that we are all so unique and that this review is as unique as I am!
    The back cover talks about what you, the reader, will in fact find in the book: the story of Jesus in relation to how he was seen from eyes other than North American, Canadian, Québécois, Christian eyes. Yes our individual upbringing also affects our eyes, our vision!
    A brief look at the Glossary will convince the reader that many terms used throughout the book are beyond comprehension of many Caucasians, francophone, not familiar with terminology, words, expressions used in India now and for centuries. For example in the Preface we find words such as; Kaliyuga, Dwapara and Tetra Yuga.
    Why would one want to continue reading then if the comprehension is so difficult at times and sometimes simply impossible? Because it is the life of a Master that we know about, that we recognize, that is so interesting and similar yet so different to what we have heard and learned about.
    You will be surprised and challenged to understand new words i.e. churchianity, Christines and so on. And of specific challenge to other language speaking individuals, other than English, the use of “old English” long disappeared words such as; behold, lo, thy, ye, tath, thou, prayest, hast and many others of course.
    Reading the table of Contents will convince you that this is a book entirely about Jesus.
    There is a special energy that kept attracting me to continue reading amidst my multiple roadblocks, incomprehension, misunderstanding, but I read all of the 360 plus pages over a period of two months.
    I am convinced it helped me understand more about my spiritual path, my choices and the multiple gifts I am receiving as soon as I open my eyes, my heart.
    It has re-confirmed that silent meditation, which has been in use for centuries, produces results in ones life and it connects you to a unique outstanding free supply of tools, advices, insights not available otherwise.

    Great lessons for everyone in this manuscript.


  12. sneh says:

    Your commentary is deeply appreciated, but before going any further, I would like to invite you to read my Profile on my webpage Chittachit. It will make my response easier to understand. Every humankind comes with past life-cycle experiences and spiritual attainments that are never lost. Therefore we are definitely unique ‘One of a Kind’ as they would say.
    In the eyes of Universal Religion, Jesus, Rama, Krishna, among others were God’s Messengers who came to reinforce the purpose of human existence. They came in different eras or yugas. Jesus entered the Piscean Age or Kaliyuga and a prophet will return for the Golden Age of Aquarius which started 200 years ago. There will be 500 years of cleansing of planet earth before we really enter this Satya Yuga in its purity.
    Why were we made erect standing on two feet with an erect spine? Whether Caucasian, Asian or African, we all have wondered the same. Upbringing is important but unless a seeker has Knowledge all one has is a Destination but not the path. What good is that?
    European languages are limited but and Latin and Sanskrit are profound – each word takes one to the depth of its alpha and ends with its omega. Therefore the Glossary of Sanskrit was included.
    India is an ancient civilization and even I who was born in East Africa of Indian parents had to study India, her traditions, her culture and her many religions over 35 years. Without Knowledge the intelligent mind refuses to accept facts, even if they are the Truth. Yugas was the only way one could explain the Cycles of Creation every 24,000 years.
    Unless you are a seeker, you are right, why would anybody want to read Knowledge which will be of no use to him or her. Masters have come with every Yuga and the truly inquisitive want to know what is each really telling us?
    Jesus whether through the prophets before him in the Old Testament or in the New Testament after him were repeatedly saying the same thing. Learn the Knowledge, take the Path and get to the Destination. There seek and confirm the message in Wisdom. There have been problems along the way. Mortals who lorded over temples, synagogues, and churches altered Jesus’ teachings. They were churchians, caste promoters, politicians, rulers who practiced oligarchy. The apostles are Christines, followers of The Christ that resides in every creature between the two eyebrows.
    Comprehension based on the little we know is not Knowledge. It takes a lifelong study.
    Just a reminder, The Aquarian Gospel was written by Levi Dowling who channeled it from Jesus, so the language is of over 2000 year ago. My commentary is in italics.
    The Contents specifies the book is about the birth, upbringing of a child by intelligent parents who have Masters to teach them how to look after a divine child, purpose of ‘godparents, elders, spiritual teachers and proper schooling, about Jesus, his family, the apostles. It is about Jesus repeating the age old teachings of the path and the destination.
    The book is definitely NOT about who Jesus belonged to. He was a devout Jew, an Essene and was not Romanized until the 7th century AD.
    The message is Universal – to reach The Christ, each must know how to use the Path efficiently. Lifestyle must be harmlessness in thought word and deed.
    Thankyou for allowing me to respond to your very meaningful commentary.

  13. Marci & Alan says:

    Sneh Chakraburtty has been gifted with a brilliant mind and in this book she uses it to take readers to old places making them seem new with the light she sheds on ancient texts.

    1. sneh says:

      Encouraging comment. Then you should read “…in the Beginning”.

  14. lynn says:

    Thank you Sneh for having the courage to unveil the truth regarding Jesus and the origins of his teaching in the East. So many distortions, historical inaccuracies, disputes over hidden documents and His ultimate resting place have led us into unholy wars ( for when were wars ever holy?) and uneccessary suffering. In the attempt to Christianize the masses in His name we have witnessed the disappearance of many tribal cultures in North America, India and Asia.
    We have witnessed the calculated removal of the Divine Feminine from the original teachings and the desecration of our Mother the Earth.
    Certainly this is not the message of Jesus the Christ, or what the Sages, Buddhas and Indigeneous Holy man have come to teach us!

    Universal Religion is the Oneness and connectedness of all Creation. In a sense it is not a religion as much as a spiritual way of living in the world. It tells us God is One, beyond name and form.

    To live in harmony with all living Creatures with out harm is to love ourselves in the awareness we are all one body, all sons and daughters of the Creator, all intrinsically divine. There is no lower no higher no better no worse. We are on this journey together, here to help one another on this rugged road of life. He said,” be in the world but not of it.” This is non attachment, the ancient teachings of the Vedas and of time immemorial. To be of service but do not be attached to the results of your labors.

    Heaven, Nirvana Samadhi are states that can be reached while living here on earth and may be attained through meditation and Bhakti, love of God in every breath, and service to humanity.

    The master disciple relationship of Jesus and his apostles is the same as the Guru devotee relationship so prevalent in the East. Krishna consciousness and Christ consciousness are one and the same. It is that elevated state of awareness of the God within, the true self, the Atma or eternal soul. The Holy spirit is the Holy breath of life within us.

    The end times that many Christians speak of is the end of this Kali Yuga. Sneh has brought this forward with wonderful clarity in the book, revealing that a shift in consciousness is occurring for us all at this time.

    Hopefully we can enter the new gates with a greater sense of Universal love and understanding, on the wings of a pure white dove.

    Lynn Cheechoo
    Om Shri Amar Jyoti namo namah.
    Moose Factory, Ontario, Canada

  15. Sneh says:

    Dear Lynn:
    Your blog is both true and an illuson.
    From a mystic’s perspective, “The person is merely the result of a misunderstanding. In reality, there is no such thing. Feelings, thoughts and actions race before the watcher in endless succession, leaving traces in the brain and creating an illusion of continuity. A reflection of the watcher in the mind creates the sense of ‘I’ and the person acquires an apparently independent existence. In reality there is no person, only the watcher (Self or God) identifying himself with the ‘I’ and the ‘mine’.” (Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj).
    So long as people do not understand the true nature of the objective world, they fall into the dualistic view of things. They imagine the multiplicity of external objects to be real and become attached to them and are nourished by their habit energy. Because of this system of mentation, mind and what belongs to it is discriminated and is thought of as real. This leads to the assertion of an ego-soul and its belongings, and thus the mind-system goes on functioning. Depending on and attaching itself to the dualistic habit of mind, they accept the views of the philosophies founded on these erroneous distinctions… By setting up names and forms the self-righteous ego is multiplied and thus the mind goes on conditioning and being conditioned. By becoming attached to names and forms, not realising that they have no more basis than the activities of the mind itself, error arises, false-imagination as to pleasure and pain arises, and the way to emancipation is blocked.
    So from a mystical perspective, ‘self’ in the beginning must first believe itself as person-in-a-world experiencing the planet, within a society, with possessions, post and a position of reputation. There is however no point to life when ‘self’ decides to believe in such ‘differences’. They express their disconnect in Religions and even God! Such narratives, emerge simply because each is biologically and socially conditioned to accept illusion and delusions about Truth as ‘normal’. We need to make the Cosmic Connection!

  16. lynn cheechoo says:

    Thank you Sneh,

    It should read Om Shri Amar Jyotyai namo namah.

    Love Lynn.

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