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Transforming Mindsets

psychology-544405_640In the heart there is a small valve that opens and shuts off interruptions from the lower seats of consciousness (Lower Chakras). All of the chakras, up to and including the Crown, must be open at the same time, for the kundalini to ascend and penetrate the Crown chakra. This usually means a major change to your way of life !The Innermost uses a system of irrigation canals through which flow the beautiful substance that will fertilise our growth and understanding of our self and Self.  .

We not only breathe with our lungs but with every brain cell we analyse, as lung passages collect atoms to impress us with their intelligence.

Aspiring atoms of thought are often immersed in substances that destroy their communications with the Intelligence atom. If they are indolent thoughts, they are destroyed  and aspiration do not come to pass.

That happens because over Time, the Minds become collectors of decayed atmospheres of our past that is filled with the foulness that generated the taste for war and other great vices. In meditative practices these decayed conditions give way to our Solar force that will burn them up. This fire will destroy those parasites that have inflicted their burdens upon us and cleanse us for our true minds to manifest. In every life we have had the same Intelligence atom, and in some lives they have obeyed its directions.

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