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The Limbic System

The Limbic System is made up of the Hypothalamus, Septal Nuclei, Amygdala, Hippocampus; the Cingulate gyrus for Emotion, Memory, Sex, Language, Dreams, Hallucinations, and also the Unconscious Mind.the limbic system and religion

The limbic system is where a spiritual path finder pauses in meditation to dedicate ‘self’ at the altar of Self – the holiest place within the brain. With the awakening of Shakti or spiritual energy (Kundalini) through the sushumna by a learned lifestyle of ashtanga yoga, the whole nervous system is now transformed.  The afferent nerve systems will and pull out a subtle ‘transforming molecular extract’ from the physical body. It afferently ascends up the sushumnal spinal cord and connects with the pineal body lying within the mid-brain. This most primitive part of the brain is essential both for human mind evolution and physical metamorphosis. It reverses or stalls ageing processes up to age forty.

The mid-brain is the entrance to the temple of the brain (Solomon’s Temple). The pituitary is protected by a cube shaped box or the Covenant Box (sphenoid bone) at the rear of the Temple. In esoteric spiritual traditions, the pituitary gland is the Seventh Seal; it is Holy and Divine. Will passes n Itself through the Box of Covenant with a desire to transform. It opens Itself to the Will and lets the hormones flow through the brain and the mouth of the pineal, which is the Sixth Seal. Its exit door connects with the Seventh Seal which is anatomically linked to the hypothalamus.

The acorn-sized pituitary, a two-lobed gland at the base of the brain is multi-talented. It generates ten hormones (Ten Commandments) that stimulate activity of peripheral endocrine glands able to secrete hormones with specific biological and physiological effects on targeted cells. In spiritual terms ten hormones help with new beginnings for expansiveness towards broader horizons in  philosophy.

The heart also secretes a powerful atriopeptin ANF (Atrial Natriuretic Factor) which affects various regions of the brain including the hypothalamus and the three-lobed pituitary gland. They are master glands releasing multiple hormones that play a critical role in the control of metabolic and physiological functions of the body. In the flowing of pituitary hormones, it activates the divine receiver: the brain. Higher thoughts of a changed lifestyle according to ten principles and ethics  emerge from the brain and fill the entire brain cavity.

Ten yoga-inspired rules are in reality ethical precepts (Ten Commandments of Moses and Patanjali) in the 8 limbed of Raja Yoga. They emerge as ‘hormones’ released by the hypothalamus-pituitary complex that lies astride the Covenant Box (sphenoid bone). They are:

  • Rule 1: Ahimsa (Non-violence)
  • Rule 2: Satya (Truthfulness)
  • Rule 3: Asteya (Non-stealing)
  • Rule 4: Brahmacharya (Sexual responsibility)
  • Rule 5: Aparigraha (Abstention from greed)
  • Rule 6: Saucha (Cleanliness)
  • Rule 7: Santosha (Contentment)
  • Rule 8: Tapas (Discipline)
  • Rule 9: Swadhyaya (Self-study) and
  • Rule 10: Ishvara pranidhana (Surrender of the self).

Hormones are chemicals that carry messages from the limbic cortex to endocrine glands to release transformed secretions. Their effect on bodily tissues and organs happens through and under continual pressure of Will and sustained effort. The result is from a sustained chemical level of transforming hormones on receptors of target organs of the body. Continued intense yogic practices over twelve years metamorphoses every atom of every person engaged in the practices of Yoga.  Twelve to thirteen years for complete transformation towards immortality are cited in other beliefs: Pandavas of the Mahabharata and Jesus’ twelve year disappearance among Nath siddha tradition sects of India, Tibet and the East.

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