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The Heart

The vehicle of intuition is directly connected with the human heart. Accordingly, the heart is the centre of the sixth sense. Like all chakras in the spinal cord or kundalini,  the heart or anahata lotus flower spins and shines with extraordinary beauty.

Universal energy flows in and out of all the seven chakras. To reach spiritual enlightenment is to have all of the major chakras open through extreme deliberation and contemplation and flowing generously with universal energy (prana), and balancing the mind, body and spirit.

It can take several life times to fully open the 1000 petals of the crown chakra and reach spiritual enlightenment. Therefore Life is but a journey of self discovery. Each must discover that human existence is a Way of  Life through four seasons of existence: birth and childhood, young adulthood, older adulthood and old age.

If parents are committed to nurturing a pious family, their sixth sense will guide them to raise  a caring family unit that follow ancestral sacred legacies.

This innate but perceptive heart thrives best in the midst of Truth, Contentment, Dedication to life’s passions for life’s needed comforts, free from covetousness and pride through egoless existence.

In such a milieu of existence, the spiritual heart ties in the seven elemental angels to bless existence.

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