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A Spiritual Journey

This is a “Work Book” to understand ‘The Miracle of Human Life’.

It is still used at weekly Meditation Classes since the early nineties to understand Yoga. Although its teachings and practice on the surface appear simple, the deeper science of yoga [union of ‘self’ with Self] in Silence is transcendental.

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A Spiritual Journey sneh chakraburtty

This book is now available at Createspace,, Amazon.caand at Volumes Direct

Cost: $25 CDN ($20 USD)


14 thoughts on “A Spiritual Journey”

  1. RAJa merk Dove says:

    I want to let you know that I read A SPIRITUAL JOURNEY and now I know your Master and YOU and your two children, Meena & Bena and I feel so close to you – a much longer email will come about all of this!~!!

    1. Apurna says:

      They all served one Master for 35 years

    2. sneh says:

      I have re-vamped the old Work-book and will send you the newer release

  2. sneh says:

    A rare few find a Master who penetrates you and makes you radiant with his uncompromising Love. It is a special Love that only gives without asking for anything in return except to take you across the river of human existence. Suddenly you find yourself across the other shore. When the Master has done that several and many times in your lifetime, the Spirit finally penetrates you and dawn awakens the dormant Mind-field which for lifetimes was filled with memories, likes-and-dislikes, illusions, delusions, habits. Awakening to Awareness is the first stop – only the first stop!-

    1. Apurna says:

      Serving a Master and learning from him is like visiting the same doctor for bodily health

  3. arjun says:

    Good you have Spiritual Journey updated after over 12 years of its use in the Niagara Falls, Halton and Halliburton areas. A vital celebration comes from the metamorphosis that transpires from this workbook. There is no escaping from the past or from the world. We all need to take life as a beautiful game. Worldliness can be used as a game, a beautiful game that is a big drama. This book helps the reader to view everyday life from a transcendental state of being. I look forward to be a member of your team

    1. Apurna says:

      Love, Faith and Mindfulness are the three essential of any endeavour

      1. Apurna says:

        When Jesus mentioned he did not come to bring peace but the sword, was he not saying that peace only comes after a spiritual battle of inner life. For that one needs love and faith in the master

      2. sneh says:

        To do that one needs unearthing past habits, tendencies and being judgemental. They appear as thoughts during meditation

  4. vinod says:

    This book is a re-write of the one we used for a long time. What is the purpose. Why is it not a re-print?

  5. mina says:

    Get walking on the journey. Do not be terrified or discouraged, for the Masters will be with you wherever you go

  6. editor says:

    Suadi and Rupinder Arora said, “It is quite a labour of love and we will definately benefit from the wisdom contained in it”.

    1. sneh says:

      I the editor appreciate the Aroras’ opinion of ‘A Spiritual Journey’. To us as a family it was 35 years of an experience of an existence we as materialists knew nothing about. We are taught to be good, but not sure why. We are taught all the rules of Ten Yogic Commandments, but not how.
      There is nobody to teach parenting nor do we know how to use the wisdom of elders. Under the nurturing influence a ‘true parent’ – a guru, all that was possible

  7. harsha says:

    Bina gave me this beautiful book and I will enjoy reading it.

    Kind regards.


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