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There are three different aspects in relation to the work that all of us should do if we want to obtain the Self-realization of the Being.  They are: Transmutation-Transformation-Transubstantiation. Meaning ‘through Change in Molecular redesigning Consecration is with Divine Presence. We have to become: filled with Solar light.

The Angel (Avatar) always mixes two solvents or elixirs, related with the Sun and the Moon. The Sun is always a representation of the man, and the Moon is a representation of the woman. Above the Angel you find the Sun with seven Rays.  Angel means “messenger” or Angel is ‘Avatar.’  There are different types of messengers or avatars, and different levels of function, as well. When we find the seven Rays of the Sun, we are directly related to the Law that organizes Creation.

Angels (elemental gods) exist in the World of Angels and Creation and Formation. They are related with theTree of Life:  Modern science calls it “physics,” but they have not yet discovered the full range of this knowledge. For that, they need to use other instruments that reach far beyond the reach of the physical senses. When the truth is seen, there is no theory or belief needed. The truth simply is. Yet, the fundamental truth cannot be seen physically, because the fundamental truth is beyond the reach of the physical senses. Angels are directly related to this fourth dimension.

The objective of studying Scriptures is to be skilled for work in the Internal Worlds. One who does not comprehend remains confused in the Internal Worlds.

So the Beings who were Self-realized in the Solar Epoch are called Archangels, and they are related with the fire. They are related with the Astral body and with the body of desires.  Angels are related with the Lunar Epoch and are the beings related with the elements, with the chemical, physical forces of the planet.

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