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Secret Traditions of Past and Present Masters

Mysteries face human beings in this grand scheme of creation. For now and eternally, mystified seekers try to understand the origin and nature of both Creation and Consciousness.  The Mind travels great distances to know the wisdom of Nature’s Spaces within which we live. Many Masters from both the East and West have explored such questions from the visionary fringes of Mysticism in their real life and still remain baffled. Secret Teachings about such matters have existed since Time and Space began in Infinity.

Moses, the great patriarch of Abrahamic Religions wrote the first five books of the Bible or Tanakh. Because they are written in a mystical language, few understand the true meaning of his medium of communication.  When studying Hebrew inscriptions of Kabbalah, the secret teachings of Moses begin to echo with clarity.

The Gospels of Jesus focuses on the second chapter of Genesis which establishes the foundation of both Jewish and Christian creeds. The twenty-four elders or gods that become part of Creation, are linked collectively for interchange of their influences (Revelation 11:16). “The balanced rhythm of the universe is rooted in their reciprocity. [Therefore] as a mortal, humankind has to struggle with two forces: first, the inner disturbances of the physical body made up of earth, water, fire, air and ethereal elements; second, the outer decaying powers of Nature. So long as man struggles with this mortality, he is affected by mutations of both heaven and earth” Yogananda.

Egyptian society was always involved in ritual and ceremonies that united humankind with Nature gods. They had and still have a connection with the Divine Family of Ra. With mastery and wisdom over their individual lives, they connected with their inner alchemy through meditation.  The Egyptian pantheon of gods and goddess were invoked for a thriving spiritual living. This sacred study was always the real foundation of all their art, religions, philosophies and sciences practiced in the pyramids.  Its religion in the past and what remnant is left to this day is based on their view of themselves in relationship with Nature.

Moses writes about the true basis of human suffering.  He explains true redemption from both worlds, inner and outer, is a part of Creation.  A successful human life depends on how to change oneself through acceptance of God’s world. According to Buddhists, human suffering is not intended to convey living in a negative world. To be born human is to Buddhists a precious chance at living spiritual life of growth for attainment of inner bliss.

Zoarastra taught a scientific form of an ancient monotheistic Persian creed. He taught about the body-mind connection with Nature through a meditative existence.  Meanwhile according to Kees Waaijman, the author of ‘Spirituality’, the term ‘spirituality’ is a process of reformation which “aims to recover the original shape of man, in the image of God. Waaijman points out that “spirituality” is a term which denotes “Hasidism, contemplation, kabala, asceticism, mysticism, perfection, devotion and piety”. The Kabbalah or Cabala/Qabala mystery is therefore about experiencing Existence beginning with the microcosm and then positively connecting with macrocosmic levels of Creation.

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