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Science: The Heart of the Atom

It seems the atom which was already split, measured, analyzed, and prodded by grand machines had not revealed all its secrets. Scientists were sure the atomic nucleus (one-trillionth the size of an atom) was a solid sphere. A Stanford University Physicist Robert Hofstadter and his assistants examined the nucleus and found more space in the atom’s heart.

Just as Man is composed of a complex nature and is gifted with  interior senses, capable of responding to some of the finer forces in the universe, so is continuity of matter on the physical plane of existence. That affords a medium for the ultimate reception of impressions received from these interior sources.

In short, just as man may be said to consist of Spirit, Soul and Body, so in the physical world he is endowed with an organism capable of responding to impulses from the Solar, Lunar and Terrestrial planes of existence. They are the source of life, the constant source of heat and light, which are the ultimate expressions on this plane of existence. They are , the Four Lords of Flame endowed with the present human Innermosts (Spirits) of the Spiritual Soul.  It is the body of intuition: of Love and Wisdom, of Charity and Truth, of Affection and Knowledge, of Action and Speech. Therefore there is a dependency from the Supreme Source of all things which finds ultimate expression in the life of mankind.

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