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Skillfully combined modern knowledge with ancient wisdom.

A Spiritual Journey is a meticulously researched book, which places meditation as a highly evolved science, without the myths, that today, surround it. This book is an authoritative text which combines ancient wisdom with the needs of today’s people. Chakraburtty has successfully shown the serious student the art of meditation. Through exercises in this book and her own personal journey in the field of meditation, the author gives an intellectual and intuitive method in this era that beckons for balance.

–Dr. Kshama Metre: Project Director, Chinmaya Primary Health Care Training Centre; Sidhbari, Himachal Pradesh, India

The most satisfying of philosophies are those in which religious and cultural disparities are dispelled in the light of Truth. The universal quest for the source of life and the purpose of existence is met and revealed in A Spiritual Journey. Sneh Lata Chakraburtty’s volume on Vedanta – juxtaposed with the world of medicine, science and scripture – simplifies and demystifies the process of self discover, offering a practical step-by-step guide to spiritual unfoldment.

–Lea Harper: author of All That Saves Us and Shadow Crossing

The book is a masterpiece. Dr. Chakraburtty has worked with her spiritual teacher, Swami Chinmayananda for over 25 years. A Spiritual Journeyis both her personal experience of spiritual development and an in depth text of Eastern philosophy, specifically, Vedanta. Sneh Chakraburtty is truly generous in giving us so much information and instruction on how to transform ourselves through self-mastery. We can reach a life of inner tranquility, despite outer circumstances.

— The Omega Centre: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

The story of how a Canadian doctor became a student of a man who has been described as the greatest philosopher of the 20th century is a fascinating tale in and of itself. Writing the book A Spiritual Journey began as a way of sharing with her daughters, her 30 year spiritual evolution, but evolved into a meditation guide, including some of the letters and words her Spiritual teacher shared with her and her family over the years.

— Sheryl Loukes: County Life in Haliburton, ON Canada