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The Universe is born of relationships within its own parts. It is an energetic system that arranges and orchestrates it’s own diversity. Self-interacting, self-sustaining, and self-sufficient, these are independent as well as interdependent. The Obvious Universe is of Intelligent Awareness. It is created in, and is an expression of Unmanifest Conscious Intelligence or mahat. The Invisible Spirit (Purusha) and the Visible biological Universe (Prakriti) are interdependent and mirror images of the One Whole (Purushotama); just as humankind, both physically visible and astrally invisible, is one. When humankind lives by the Laws of Nature that govern one’s anatomical, physiological, psychological and intellectual processes, ill-health and irrational behaviour are unheard-of.

Humankind is able to fulfil every ambition or want with the Eternal Mother’s support. It is She, who is the Cosmic Homemaker for the individual as well as for humanity. When a group of people collectively understand and adopt a spiritually sacred lifestyle, they create a coherent Collective Awareness, which eventually erase stresses in the Fabric of Creation. There is a real increase in the standard and quality of living. Society progresses to a healthier lifestyle. The unified cluster of relationships for devout lifestyle becomes free of disease, stress, crime and antisocial behaviour. If such an environment is possible in families and a group of people, lifting to such lifestyles can compound spiritual transformation in humanity.

This intense insight, that order prevails in the Universe, leads one to definite conclusions. The Self-referring capacity of Unmanifest Intelligence gives the objectified universe its own Self-referring quality, despite multiplicity and diversity. That a connection exists between Unmanifest Intelligence and Manifest Intellect, gives creation and evolution a never-ending replicable order.

Such a conclusion is confirmed when parents encourage learning scriptural material from childhood, in listening or reading. Reproduction of learned material triggers sequential evolution within a growing child’s central nervous system. The emerging child, when exposed to the Laws of Virtue or dharma, matures into a perfected sequence of progressive awareness from child to youth to adult. Such nurturing of a child’s neuronal physiology becomes, eventually, a habit and built-in thought. This is also the foundation of progressive gains made by adult seekers during sadhana of ego-transcendence.

When spiritual movements are consciously systemised, the purpose of Meditation becomes obvious. Supported by groundwork of values and moral ethics, the seeker has the ability to transcend the mundane mind and it’s mental activity. When the physical, psychological, mental and intellectual sheaths are made tranquil, Awareness settles into its own restful, yet alert, silent state. Humankind now rests in his own stillness and sees ‘self’-transformation. It all happens within the boundaries of his Self-referring state of Consciousness. Over time, all stress of the past is erased. With new, exalted creativity, humankind becomes orderly and dynamic. This change inspires and upholds all thought, speech and action. What is exhilarating about such a transformation is that every want of the changed central nervous system is upheld. This happens because the Laws of Nature sanction it.

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