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Meditating with Masters

Meditation is poorly understood by many. It is about changing the mind field to reach a thought-free state of awareness, before reaching Consciousness. Living with the Masters and learning from them is perhaps the ideal way of reaching such a goal.  Meditating with Masters explores this journey.Meditating_with_mastersThis book is now available at for  $19.99  paperback and $7.55 Kindle 

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3 thoughts on “Meditating with Masters”

  1. Sneh Chakraburtty says:

    The Story of ‘How We Became’
    Many enter Medical Colleges to become doctors and physicians to serve humanity.
    For a few rare ones, they seek a bridge into a dimensions of Life that inwardly and innately long for a scientific search for religious answer of Truth.
    Religious teachings only explained obscurity as ‘mysteries of life’. Such answers became a temporary quest for inner peace and contentment. It never led to a higher appreciation of science in the religion of spirituality.
    From a drop of water a mathematician predicted there are Oceans! We are still unaware of how we were each, created and for what purpose. We cannot afford the stalemate of past centuries for this leaves our nature Godless and our spirituality in a world without a future! Our Inner Words remain dead until we have the courage to give them ‘life with our blood.’ This Article fulfills the “Story of How We became Divine”
    Phil Mundt, a retired geologist who holds a PhD from Stanford University went on a four-year quest with two main objectives: “The first was to try to resolve some of the main misunderstandings between science and religion. The second was to answer some life-long questions concerning religion, and search for religious truth; this was for the purpose of personal fulfillment and perhaps, salvation.”
    Science itself is defined as, observation, identification, description, experimental investigation, and theoretical explanation of some kind of phenomena says the American Heritage Dictionary.
    Science is the study of life wherein the scientist is a student. Scientific evidence is only for purposes of substantiating theories, that there is some kind of an Inner Master in the created and a Creator who ensures there is overall harmony.
    Beliefs of scientists about the Creator range from , deism, theism, agnosticism and atheism. There are some who have and had particular beliefs. Notable spiritual scientists in history include Newton, Einstein, and more recently, the Cosmologist Steven Hawkins.
    Einstein was asked about this Creator: He replied: “My feeling insofar as religiousness, is I am imbued with the Consciousness of insufficiency of the human Mind. To understand deeply the harmony of the Universe, we merely try to formulate Laws of Nature,” he told the sage Yogananda. He admitted the Laws of Nature were a given to him as a gift from the same Being that created the Laws in the first place.
    So how does the Creator create the Creature Mind? It is stated, that fertilized egg or embryo is full of Nature’s Awareness.
    Upon fertilization of two halves from a male and female, it becomes a blastocyst in seven days – into a life of a scientific ‘babynology.’
    The ‘baby’ already has a developed brain and nervous system, a beating heart with an extensive blood supply, and an established endocrine system. It reaches the accelerated maturation or pinda phase (collapsing stage of blastocyst) in fifteen days.
    The development of prhavatha (spinal cord) is complete in 20th week.
    Ayurvedic Knowledge taken into its deepest origin is based on the principle of “believe in what you see” to mean that Ayurvedic Scientists look into the body to see the truth in what they conceived.
    They observed and perceived the embryo to its maturation as a foetus to the 10th week when Consciousness becomes imbued in the embryo as it matures to become the fetus.
    Over the past decade science and religion has begun the process of bridging the gap that has divided them for so many centuries. Dr. Keith Moore, an embryologist from the University of Toronto embarked on a two year scientific mission.
    Islamic scholars presented Dr. Moore with English translations of several Quranic verses. One such verse read: ‘God makes you in the wombs of your mothers in stages, one after another, Within three veils of darkness[mothers’ abdominal wall, the uterus wall, and the amnio-chronic membrane.] Thereafter, it created into a drop of a thing which clings, A leech like structure.’
    The leech bears a resemblance to a human embryo at 24 days, and the embryo clings to the uterine wall at this stage. Other verses shown to Moore accurately speak of when the features and sex of the embryo become visible and male and female sex products being necessary for conception. Embryonic development was never even proposed until the 1940’s and mystical religions have been reciting these verses for over 1,000 years. Zuhair There is scientific thought that aims at proving spiritual experiences of divine insight occurring in our brain.
    Study of the brain is called neuroscience and is the last real ‘unknown’ about the human body. A possible reason for this lack of knowledge is to how the brain is formed.
    Every atom and molecule in every brain of every living human is exactly identical. However, the human brain is absolutely different from any other and it can change dramatically through stress or head injury.
    What neuroscientists know is that consciousness is a state of perceptions and dependent upon the reactions taking place through neural transmitters. The state of ecstasy in Meditation or becoming one with the Creation and the supernatural Creator has long been thought of as a religious phenomenon. But is it?
    Scientifically, this Supreme Person is the original, unmanifested cause of Creation (asat). He created manifest Existence (sat). He is experienced as Bliss (ananda) through Consciousness (chit.) Taittiriya Upanishad
    In truth it is spiritual enlightenment that the Creator is Existence-Consciousness-Happiness (sat-chit-anand) manifesting as: Intense realness, more real even than ordinary normal experience of awareness.
    Most describe unusual sensations, of being wrapped in light or a flame colored cloud, or hearing enchantingly lovely music; Or, a feeling of unity, that the individual and the whole cosmos is one; Or, an Ineffability, being unable to speak about it because the experience is outside the range of normal experience. It is a transensate phenomena or experiences which go beyond and are different from the usual sensory experiences of ordinary life. The response is BOTH scientific and spiritual!
    These ‘higher states of experience’ are common to all.
    There is temporary cognition of an altered feeling of `I’ changing from incomplete to the universal. There is a feeling of conviction, that what is then apparent is factual and not requiring substantiation.
    This sense of “I” comes from the temporal lobe where mystical experience produce personality changes and excessive religiosity. This assertive experience is of a neural cryptogram and the brain interprets it as Consciousness. Therefore, the structural formation of the cerebral cortex gives it sensations of a conscious take that “I am Existence-Consciousness-Happiness.”
    The mystical experience of unity of One with All is due to changes in the Mind of an advanced being: indicating as synergy between science and religion.
    Live with Masters of Meditation and understand we are searching ourselves since conception.

    1. Prema Jyoti says:

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts on a quest for knowledge and truth!

  2. Sneh Chakraburtty says:

    Nature Divorced from Science leads to Confusion! One needs Masters to meditate with to understand the Oneness of Science and Spirituality.
    India is a water-rich nation surrounded by seas on all its sides, recently pronounced that it would allow oil-drilling off its coast in an enviromentally protected area of the sea! What does that prove? Is it for advancement of Science or is it “business as usual” for a few in ‘power’ whose command, supremacy, clout and thump of the gavil decides corporate greed is superior to protection of Nature!
    Some call such actions ‘growth of science,’ better business practice, bartering Mother Nature for trade and globalization, but, without review and evaluation of existing nationwide public demand: Stop!
    People the world over, in every country, are to this day battered by sham estimations by Science’ that inherent cultural practices are unscientifis primitive practices. Their estimations are that cultural practices and results thereof are mere conclusions arrived at through fortuitous positives of primitive ceremonial rituals.
    “Scientific knowledge” has become the all powerful ‘testable reproducible explanation’ because of ‘orderly controlled experimentation!’ This ‘expertise’ has progressively become the governing and now prevailing secular force. It has garnered and ensnared common sense after decades of ‘secular rule’ in the Asiatic and African Continents.
    The West has encouraged worldwide investment in seed modifications and the use of toxic insect repellants. Traditional Nature healing systems are now considered unscientific: they are defined as woodoo practices of the ancients who call upon the elemental gods for their specic authority, in traditional healing practices! Such ‘religious solutions’ for Nature’s illnesses have now taken a backseat behind modern science.
    Cultural changes imposed on every country is the culprit behind forgetfulness about traditional water- conservation practices, triggering famines during draught!
    ‘Democracy’ is enforced upon ancient cultures by Western nations. Such practices have overtaken logic. Wars have today dismembered Nations! Battles of strife abounds everywhere abound, but especially over the last three and even four decades. This is because humanity has lost her indegenous ‘organic connection’ with its ingrained Nature.
    If humanity is to survive, Science and religious practices must join hands!

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