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in the beginning sneh chakraburttyIt is History of the Piscean Age of Kaliyuga when Common Mind of Humanity of planet Earth was far away from the Light of the Sun.

It was a Time of Moral Blindness when nobody could tell right from wrong. It was a Space that refused to be filled with ” the right thing to do”.
This book is now available at Amazon and Createspace, priced at $31.10 in the US and £19.99 in the UK. 

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  1. sneh chakraburtty says:

    Survival over the past 2400 years was a matter of adaptation, to personal belief. Therefore, sustainability of life corresponded to its adaptation to an impersonal truth which was justified by its environment and justice that was impersonal and equal for all. The belief was only a half-truth. It created intolerance, injustice, half-truths and therefore encouraged deceit. The world was built on the ignorant beliefs because in the Piscean Age, Raja Kali ruled through the deceits of half-truths.
    The greatest defect of the Age of Kali was blindness to the limitations of the mind. It was impossible to penetrate it beyond the veil of the materialism. The Age was without purpose and its illusion had the appearance that it was causeless from its environment. That appearance led to the separation from Truth through materialistic selfishness. Materialism was the poison coated in sugar because it killed by creating purposeless lives with no past and no future.
    Mankind forgot the power of Love. Humanity gave love a form, and an emotion. It is chitta, a combination of mind, intellect and ego that could be limited by personal feelings. He forgot Love that was required to change the world, just as it was Love of the Sun’s Light and Life that changed the world. Feeling of Love is the stuff that dense matter is made of. It is thought, and therefore energy of Love. Love is matter with a density. Love is the justice that resolves duality and advances the form on to the next step of evolution. When the Power of Love overcomes the Love of Power, the world would know peace. This book is about human blindness over over two millenia of blindness.

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