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…In the Beginning

in the beginning sneh chakraburtty…In The Beginning is a historical ‘story’ spanning through Time and Space before and after the birth of Jesus. It is History of the Piscean Age of Kali-yuga when the Common Mind of Humanity of planet Earth was far away from the Light of the Sun. It was a Time of Moral Blindness when nobody could tell right from wrong. It was a Space that refused to be filled with “the right thing to do.”

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One thought on “…In the Beginning”

  1. Sneh Chakraburtty says:

    March of Unconsciousness to Consciousness
    Consciousness according to Wikipedia and the Encarta Dictionary is awareness of an external ‘something’ or something within oneself; it can also be a realization through an insightful view; or it is to notice a conscious experience of ‘self’ and its connection with the world. However, no aspect of the Mind is more familiar or more puzzling than The Total Mind or Consciousness, meaning, our conscious experience of ‘self’ and of the world.
    Consciousness as understood by the Eastern Spiritualists is that which is always in Existence in Knowledge of Blissful Happiness (sat-chit-anand).
    The West intuitively admits: About ‘consciousness’ preliterate cultures have similarly been found, invariably to embrace, some form of spiritual or at an least animist view, that points to a degree of reflection about the nature of conscious awareness.
    For each of us, there are astral forces that take one through an evolution towards ‘awareness’ before arriving at the light of ‘consciousness.’ The journey is usually from a dark night of covetousness and nonawareness, to our spiritual potential.
    Rising into Consciousness is about moving through a transformative process, whether we are aware of it, or not. While traveling and seeking the Knowledge of understanding Awareness, the effort leads to Consciousness.
    The journey is always that of an extraordinarily fearless being whose sense of a higher Self, is the awakening, that happens through the Force of Shakti or the Holy Spirit within, also known as Durga.
    If practices of ‘awakening’ happens on a universal scale by all inhabitants of the world, there is bound to be a incisive regeneration of the planet.
    Masses in humanity accuse Forces in power, be hey internal or external, for the disarray on planet earth today. Many factors are converging to prompt a reset button on the disarray humanity is suffering: earth is being thrashed with electrical fires, floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, typhoons, petrochemical leaks into drinking groundwater, deforestation, and converting earth and seas into a plastic planet – by whom! By greed through Political Power.
    Power which is abused for a leader’s self-interest, comes with flawed business practices, inaccurate educational policies, intolerance, and purposeful discrimination. There are youth today who are easily manipulated and are needlessly destroying all that is in their way! Only Mother Earth or Prakrit, or Shakti or, the Spirit of Durga, or Shekinah or Wisdom, serves as the personification against all such abusive power.
    Providentially, the nine day festival of Navratri celebrated in honor of Goddess Durga will be celebrated from September 21 to 29, 2017. Durga, the Divine Shakti is already stirring and beginning a new expression, in this early Dwapara Yuga. By making ourselves repositories to aid in her work for humanity’s transformations, we can bring order in this massive disorder.
    She is the awakened planet that must soon rise to defend Herself from the encroachment of an arrogant humanity that has fallen from grace. Meanwhile, a new humanity is also taking shape under her benefic glance. Let us be receptive to her guidance and take up her energy!

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