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Gnosis is about understanding these spiritual mysteries. It reveals layered configurations of ‘existence’ in accordance with natural laws. Their edicts are not only interdependent but function because of movements happening within Matter and its Energy.  Layering also follows strict laws of existence. They provide humans with understanding of how each human being fits into the different windows in Nature. Understanding and instinctively accepting there is a Cosmic Connection between man and Creation, is always and insightful but intuitive knowledge. It is this awareness that allows a seeker to navigate towards increasing levels of mindful existence.

Because this instinctive knowledge has existed in all spiritual thought, both pagan and in Abrahamic faiths, knowledge about spiritual awareness has universal application. The Jewish know it as Kabbalah; Jain and Buddhist (pagans) know it as Kalachakra tantra; Hindus call it Virashaivism; Wicca mysticism aim to experience a mystical goddess in their quest for divinity. Pagans worship Nature (Shakti-She the Holy Spirit) as a manifestation of the Father (Shiva-He the Father) who transcends one and all.  When modern science speaks of ‘physics’ they mean to convey the Laws of Nature.

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