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Myth, Legend & Prophecy

Myth, Legend & ProphecyMyth, Legend & Prophecy contains old stories about supernatural beings, heroes who perhaps lived through history and a glamourized ideology. Are the stories fictitious? The author sincerely believes in their existence, as well as, nonexistence because Matter and Energy of happenings have always existed in Time and Space (MEST). The Law of Cause and Effect (Karma) is forever recorded within the fruits of the Tree of Life. They live latent in its seeds or perhaps in the Causal Golden Egg (Hiranyagarbha) as Memories of a ‘once upon a time’ a Yuga’s (epoch or era) Time and Space. Nearly all the stories in the book sketch each incident and person wearing distinctive ‘gloves and attire’ to match the needs of humanity. Master, sages and prophets always promised world wide illumination and a promise for the future with out too much destruction (pralaya). Humankind is always given opportunities to free itself from confusions born of worsening materialistic conditions of Kali yuga (Piscean Age). By becoming a people of high ideals, it is possible to make an environment altogether different from that each has lived and now lives.

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