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Universal Religion ISBN: 978-1-905399-62-8
A Spiritual Journey ISBN: 978-1-412072-79-3
The Cosmic Connection ISBN: 978-1478347279
Lifestyle ISBN: 0-9730057-7-7
Handbook of Meditation ISBN: 978-1483977614
The Science of Meditation ISBN: 978-81-7822-322-3
The Story of Meditation ISBN: 978-81-7822-321-6
The Origin of Meditation ISBN:978-81-7822-323-0
Meditating with Masters ISBN: 978-1-905399-83-3
In the Beginning ISBN: 978-0-9880092-1-9
Myth, Legend and Prophecy ISBN: 978-0-9880092-7-1
Biography of Human Existence ISBN: 978-1-905399-77-2


Cook books:

Vegetarian Expressions ISBN: 0-9730057-8-5
Ayurvedic Fusion Cooking ISBN: 0-9730057-6-9
Sweet, Sour and Spicy ISBN: 0-9730057-8-8