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Beating the Winter Blues

Many of us dread the cold winter months as they bring on a gloomy mood. This depressed state is often referred to as the “winter blues” by media outlets and lifestyle magazines. It could be the cold weather or the shorter and darker days that suck the energy out of a lot of people.

The Huffington Post (UK) lists a number of solutions to help beat the winter blues and restore a positive mood! One recommendation is to boost your health and wellness by eating high oxidant foods like oranges, strawberries, kiwi fruit, broccoli, carrots and cabbage!

In summary, increasing consumption of veggies and fruit during the winter months might help to banish the blues. Chittachit publications have a number of vegetarian based recipe books (Ayurvedic Fusion Cooking & Vegetarian Expressions) for order through our website. Just go to Books by Sneh on our homepage!

To read the full article by Huffington Post (UK):

One thought on “Beating the Winter Blues”

  1. Sneh Chakraburtty says:

    Depression is a Mood Disorder of sadness and un-interested-ness with a cloudy or wintry day.
    Should we know how to snap out of it by convincing oneself – as if nothing is wrong? St. John of the Cross writes powerfully of this mood disorder as the “dark night of the soul” – it is a key to opening doors towards spiritual growth. The tight intertwining of mood disorder, depression and a call for spirituality present as a blurred distinction between clinical depression and normal problems of living.
    Detaching from suffering of boredom at such times is about a soul liberating itself from suffering from the mundane, like learning about vegetaruanism. The soul unified with discovering the undiscovered is spirituality.
    That unity extends horizontally and vertically. A soul duly liberated leads to a life of surrender, gratitude, exoneration away from world-weariness, selflessness, and self-awareness.

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