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Basal Ganglia

Basal Ganglia have Navagraha (planets) Transcribed in Midbrain

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            Thalamus is Ravi or Sun; Hypothalamus is Chandra or Moon; Red Nucleus is Mars or Kuja or Mangala; Subthalamus is Mercury or Budha; Globus pallidus is Jupiter or Guru; Substantia Nigra is Venus or Shukra; Putamen is Saturn or Shani; Head of Caudate Nucleus is Dragon’s Head or Rahu; Tail of Caudate Nucleus or Dragon’s Tail is Ketu.

Navagraha refer to nine planetary gods. Non-Abrahamical Eastern Faiths worship these Nine Cosmic Planets transcribed in the Midbrain as the Basal Ganglia. It is believed celestial bodies in the cosmos influence every aspect of human life and are responsible for all the good or bad times one faces in life. Out of these nine navagraha, the Sun, Moon, Rahu and Ketu are not planets. Eastern  Astrology believes there are beneficial and detrimental planetary influences in every person’s life. Therefore Navagraha are propitiated for a peaceful life. Each planetary god, except Rahu and Ketu, rules one day each, of the week and have Gemstones representing them.

Sun is a royal Planet who gives of life. Sun is assigned to Sunday: its gemstone is Ruby. The ill placement of Sun cause mental tension, bodily ache, and cardio-vascular disease tendencies. Surya Namaskar helps in attaining a healthy life.

Moon is of feminine nature, beautiful and a source of happiness. Mental stability and wellbeing depends on positive placement of moon in horoscope. The Moon’s day is Monday and its gemstone is the Pearl. Detrimental effects of ill placement of Moon cause urinary infections, colitis, bronchitis, abdominal problems.

Mars is the ‘hot planet’ and protector of righteousness or Dharma. It is in command of the musculoskeletal system of the body. It rules over health of nose, forehead and the circulatory systems. Mars is propitiated on Tuesdays and its protective gemstone is Coral. Its ill effects manifest as accidents, random intravascular blood clots, inflammation of lungs and blood disorders.

Sun ((Thalamus) Moon (Hypothalamus) Mars (Mangala)
 god1  god2  god3

Mercury represents intellect and the power of communication. It therefore governs the central nervous system. Mercury’s day is Wednesday and its gemstone is Emerald. Detrimental positioning of Mercury in a horoscope causes stammering, chronic chest infections: bronchitis, asthma, nervous disorders, severe emotional symptoms, and increased nasopharyngeal problems.

Jupiter symbolizes knowledge, love and spirituality and is propitiated on Thursday. Its gemstone is yellow sapphire. This planet rules thighs, flesh, kidney, liver, fat and the arterial system. Negative placement of Jupiter increases tendency for diabetics, hemorrhoids, growth swellings, liver break down, blood cancers and gout.

Venus symbolizes love and passion. Venus is observed on Friday and its gemstone is Diamond. Detrimental effects of a poor placement of Venus cause ophthalmic disorders, indigestion, and skin problems.

Mercury (Subthalamus) Jupiter (Globus Pallidus) Guru Venus (Substantia Nigra)

Saturn is referred to as a ‘dark planet’; it symbolizes longevity, misery and grief over physical deterioration of old age. Saturn’s day is Saturday and its gemstone is Blue Sapphire. An ill placement of Saturn increases tendency for asthma, gout, arthritis, rheumatism, impotency, and tuberculosis.

Rahu: Rahu is a malefic Planet and has no day dedicated to him because it eclipses. When Rahu is afflicted it bestows several miseries. Rahu’s gemstone is Garnet.

Ketu a malefic Planet and there is no specific day dedicated to him. Ketu is a “shadow” planet and represents karmic activities. Its gemstone is the Cats Eye.

Saturn (Putamen) Head of Caudate (Rahu) Tail of Caudate (Ketu)

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Planetary gods transcribed in Brain: Sun (Surya); Mercury (Budha); Venus (Shukra); Earth (prakriti); Mars (Mangala); Jupiter (Guru); Saturn (Shani); Uranus (Rahu); Neptune (Ketu); Pluto (Shiva’s energy).

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