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Awareness intersects into Consciousness

awarenessMedically and scientifically, diverse dissections of Cosmic Awareness intersect with man’s structure. When a meditating apprentice of a yogic teacher enters his interior planes (kosha) he/she realises that this world one lives in is but an illusion (maya), and Time and Space are of different finitude when inwardly seen from these divisions. When these koshas send their energy of Awareness  into the Mind, the individual finds itself as a part of a great universal scheme. There is a Cosmic connection between this Awareness with Consciousness.

Once such ‘connection’ is experienced, most work for emancipation from one’s  lower natures. Contemplation leads to intuitive understanding. Marching gradually into one’s inner domains leads to the peace of Consciousness that is God. This is ‘yoga’ wherein the ‘self’ meets in union with the Self who is Consciousness. Here there is neither pain nor is there stress. Such afflictions are non-existent in the all-inclusive harmony with our indwelling consciousness.

Looking outwards from this inner domain it is easy to discern Nature’s Awareness is be loaded with so many modalities of sensory intelligences. They will all be granted entrance into the deserved worlds of stirring beauty. Here inwardly experienced are creations that ennoble. Awareness embedded in planet Nature reveals Her hidden glories. It is here that the elemental gods (earth, water, fire, air, space) admit practitioners into their sovereign territories.

It is during such Yoga practices that there is an increase in our energy wave-length. They interconnect to these godly elemental substances. The alignment helps us develop internally. We receive defining individualised characteristics when elemental beings are hinged with. We are therefore nourished by energies of the finest forces for metamorphosis and for wisdom. Elemental gods gladly serve and welcome those who enter their realms of Mother Nature. There is now mutual understanding of Awareness embedded as excellence in the Universe.

The problems of illusions and delusions that confuse humans on earth become obvious and straightforward when the outer word is viewed from the internal worlds. through such a Cosmic Connection, one realises we are each but the very attribute of Truth. From these planes any enquiry about the subject of Awaress and Consciousness are instantly answered according to experiences gained in previous incarnations.

The impressions in the mental body is controlled by the transformed ambience of this visible  world. By breathing its energy we attract new spring like energy into us and we slowly conform to their wave-length. The deeper the student goes the more we imbibe the energy – allowing a complete change.

When correctly related to the godly elemental atoms of the Universe we can command its powers (sidhis). Love who is God is the key to this domain. Without Love for the Visible Universe (Shakti or Mother Nature) a student cannot attract those atoms. Mental effort alone will never unite anyone to his Central Universe.

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